Publishing & Academia

Editing and Proofing for Educational Publishing Companies, Schools, and Education Organizations

Educational Publishing Companies
For the past 10 years, Debra has been editing assessments, curriculum, and teacher support materials for educational publishing companies, such as Six Red Marbles, Victory Productions, LearningMate, Mosaic Learning. She works on contract, on-site or remotely, providing companies with quality assurance and expertise in grammar and adherence to established conventions. Debra has strong knowledge of MLA and APA style. She was editor of TIMSS 2007, based at Boston College, an international study of mathematics and science. Expertise in content management systems, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and all style guides, including CMS, APA, etc. The types of assessments and curricula include the following:

  •  PreK-12 in all subject areas, with a specialty ELA, social studies, and  science
  • Higher education—all subject areas
  • Digital textbooks

Recommendations for Debra’s work at publishing companies:

“Debby’s done a great job on the project and helped us establish consistency across components and copyeditors. It’s been much appreciated.” Sabrina Magnuson, Vice President, Editorial, QBS Editorial

“Debra is a very dedicated copyeditor. I worked with Debra on two large projects. She was dependable and very attune to the unique needs of each client. Debra is also a very pleasant person to work with!” Jessica Naumiec, Six Red Marbles

“Debby is a very fast learner, and can quickly understand a project’s needs which is very important in this fast-paced industry. She was able to handle tight deadlines well, and asked good questions to ensure she was editing accurately. Her flexibility and easygoing manner was much appreciated.” Anne Kaske, Director, K–12 ELA and Social Studies at LearningMate

Charter School Applications and Renewal Applications
If you are renewing your charter, please consider our services. With years of experience, we have been writing and editing charter applications in Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, Washington, DC and New Jersey. Contact for more details about our services.

Editing Abstracts and Conference Papers
Whether you’re writing your first abstract or finalizing yet another panel presentation, we are well versed in a broad range of topics and are available to help you revise and perfect your abstracts, PowerPoints, and conference papers.

Dissertation Editing
The dissertation is the culmination of years of study. Whether you are still in the drafting stage or you are about to defend and publish, our specialized dissertation editors can offer advice on your dissertation’s organization and make sure your style and formatting meet your discipline’s guidelines, from APA style to MLA or Chicago.

We have the expertise needed to edit – line edit, rewrite, proof – your manuscript so that it is ready for publication. Working quickly and accurately, we can meet a deadline and deliver a polished product.

We can provide the research support you need to find the references and information for your papers. Project support is also available – classroom observations, evaluations, and office staff.