Blog #10: College Essay Help

How Much Guidance Does a Student Need To Write an Essay?

One of my students just finished her first supplemental school essay. (In case you don’t know this, colleges/universities may or may not require applicants to write one or more essays. You’re thinking – do I have to write these if they’re not required? The answer is YES! You are competing against over 2 million other applicants who will take the time to write them. The supplements are in addition to the longer, personal statement on the Common Application or Universal Application.) She needed a lot of guidance. After meeting her and helping her focus on what elements should go into the essay, she wrote a first draft. I edited it and sent it back. However, this student required continual support through the process. The end result was an essay that will get noticed in the admissions office. Bottom line: The type of writing students have to do on the personal statement and supplement questions is a bit different than in-class assignments. Students have to talk about themselves – their interests and experience. This is sometimes difficult for students. So, yes, some teens need more help.

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