Visting College Campuses

Parents and students – take some time on school vacations to visit college campuses. Many people decide to visit schools in the summer. However, it’s best to see the campus “in action” or in session. You won’t get a feel for campus life otherwise. If you are really interested in applying to a particular school, arrange for an overnight stay. This has to be done well ahead of time with the admissions office. Go on a tour of the school, but be prepared with a list of questions to ask, including:
What is the student-professor ratio in classes
What percentage of the professors have a Ph.D.?
Describe security on campus.
Is there a hospital nearby?

Here’s some other information you might find helpful:

Be sure to visit the town or city near the college. Have lunch, visit attractions, just spend some time getting to know where you are going to spend your college days.

Here’s a new twist to college visits – personalized tours:

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