Fatal College Application Mistakes

Honesty is the best policy on your college application. Don’t overstate grades, lie about participation in activities, or buy an essay on the Internet. 

Not Explaining Issues
If you have poor grades, time missed from school, a change in schools, etc., explain these briefly on the application – and be honest about it. Most colleges have an place on the application where you can talk about what happened. Don’t use the personal statement or supplement essay to discuss this, since it should contain only positive information. 

Don’t Press “Send” Until the Application Is Thoroughly Checked
Some essays may be “reused” to apply to several colleges. However, make sure that you change the details and information. Ask someone to check your essay for these mistakes.

It’s All In the Details
Each application is different and unique, so make sure that you follow each school’s instructions exactly. Be especially careful about grammar and spelling mistakes. A college admissions officer will find the smallest error and know you didn’t take the time to check and re-check your application.




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