Thinking of Lounging On A Beach Chair This Summer?

Summer is fast approaching. What are you planning to do? Dreams of the beach come to mind? Instead, consider filling your summer with an activity that will make a difference on your college application. How do you go about picking the right activity? First, consider your interests and look for an experience that will highlight them. If you are a “mad” scientist, you might want to look into an internship in a research lab. If you live and breathe dancing, investigate an opportunity to refine these skills and take them to a new level- perhaps a camp or program. You don’t have to go to a “fancy” program at Yale or Dartmouth to have an experience that will resonate with admissions officers. Focus on what you really want to study and look for a program that will improve your skills, pique your interests, and is academically challenging. There are summer programs for high school students at almost every college and school. You might want to get a job this summer – even a menial job is an experience where you will gain skills, keep a schedule, answer to a boss, test your interpersonal skills, and meet obstacles and overcome them. Volunteering is another option. This can include helping an elderly person in your community. Take notes on your experience – it will make a great college application essay!

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