Do You Need To Take SAT Subject Tests?

Let’s review some important information about the SAT subject tests. Be sure to check out the requirements at colleges you apply to – not all schools, even selective ones, require these tests. There are four categories of SAT Subject Tests:

  • Math: You can take Math Level 1 or 2. For Level 1, students need 2 years of algebra and 1 year of geometry; for Level 2, students also need pre-calculus or trigonometry.
  • Science: The three science tests available – biology, chemistry, and physics. The Ecological Biology Subject Test covers the environment, biological communities, population, and energy. The focus of Molecular Biology Subject Test is biochemistry and cellular processes and structures. Students who are interested in physical science or engineering majors should take chemistry and physics subject tests.
  • Humanities/Social Sciences: The English SAT Subject Test is on the critical reading of literary works from various periods. Students interpret reading passages to demonstrate their ability to understand literary concepts and themes. The U.S. History exam focuses on major developments in the history of the United States, and the World History test covers global history from ancient to modern times.
  • Languages: French, Spanish, and German tests are offered as stand-alone tests and are intended for students with 3-4 years of high school language. Other tests, written for students with 2+ years of language, include: Latin, Modern Hebrew, Italian, and Chinese.

SAT Subject Tests are 1-hour, multiple-choice exams. You are able to take up to three exams per test date. The next SAT Subject Test dates include May 5 and June 2. Register about one month in advance. All exams will be offered on these test dates. If students do not take them in May or June, the next time to do so will be in October.

If needed, take SAT Subject Tests in your junior year or at the beginning of senior year.



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